NoMyID is first and only mobile application which provides the platform to send emails to any mobile number without knowing email id of the receiver.

Amazing Features

NoMyID App Features

Unique ID

Your mobile number is unique and it will work as your email ID.

Instant Communication

NoMyID App enables you to send emails instantly without knowing the email ID of the receiver.

Cross Platform.

Available on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile (Coming Soon) and webmail.

Send/Recieve emails from any one

You can send email to any one having mobile number. You can also receive emails from any one.

Share files

You can send/recieve any kind of documents via email.


Offers you to send messages/images/videos/locations to your contacts with live chat and push notifications.

Powerful email communication

NoMyID app is one of the First and Only app with these kind of features. It includes powerful email client with most common feature set. You can send email to those contacts from your phone book who do not have the email ID. Email will be sent to their mobile number and they can check the email in the App or via Webmail.

  • Reliable and Secure email Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for email communication
  • Attach large files easily
  • Tons of features and easy to use

Inbuilt chatting engine to send messages.

NoMyID app includes a powerful live chat client to send/receive messages. You can chat with your contacts. You can share files/images/videos/locations as well. You can see who has received and read your message. Messages will be delivered via Push Notifications to offline contacts.


Few Screenshots of the app.

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